VS-V Standard Vision Screener

Keystone View VS-V Standard Vision Screener

DVS-V GT Vision ScreenerThe VS-V Standard Vision Screener blends technological convenience with more than 80 years of vision testing research, expertise and excellence. Like its predecessors, the VS-V features several unique competitive advantages—such as testing in reflected light rather than with backlit targets to mirror everyday visual function.
Now with larger viewing lens the VS-V accommodates examinees who use progressive lens glasses. The VS-V is the only screener on the market that comes standard with 4 testing distances.

Standard Features:

  • Enlarged Viewing Lens to Accommodate Multifocals
  • Elliptech™ Soft Touch Membrane Control Panel
  • 4 Integrated Testing Distances (16”, 26”, 39”, 20’)
  • 9 Separate Acuity Tests
  • Long-Life True White Light LED’s
  • Built-In Head Sensor
  • Peripheral Vision Test
  • Night Vision Test
  • Visionary Software™ (100 Records)
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Carrying Case (Optional)