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Audiometer Supplies & Medical Equipment in South Africa
Here at M&A Medical & Audiometric Sales we’re one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of high-quality medical equipment, specialising in turnkey projects and occupational health equipment.
We believe that providing the very best medical equipment facilitates safe and healthy working environments, and our medical supplies are available to clients all across South Africa.
We manufacture a Mobile Occupational Clinic, which includes a full examination area and built-in audiometric enclosure. Manufactured from high-quality materials, our audiometry booths are essential for Occupational Health Practitioners.

High-Quality Medical Supplies

We have a large range of medical supplies that include autoclaves and spirometers, audiometric equipment and booths, surgical instruments, orthopedic products, patient rehabilitation aids, diagnostic equipment and more.
We also manufacture incinerators and hospital equipment, as well as response vehicles, including ambulances.

Spirometers & Audiometric Booths

With some of the very latest spirometers (lung testing machines), here at M&A Medical & Audiometric Sales we offer advanced medical equipment that complies with the new ATS and ERS standards.
Simple to use, offering fast, accurate and reliable results, our Spirolab III spirometers are powerful and highly innovative, and to guarantee maximum performance we also provide the latest WinspiroPro software.
We’re proud to offer our clients fully compliant audiometric booths, audiometry rooms and diagnostic booths; excellent quality booths available at very affordable prices.

Exceptional Service

At M&A Medical & Audiometric Sales we’re able to offer our clients custom-made equipment to meet their specific requirements, and to ensure the safe and proper use of all occupational testing equipment.
We offer comprehensive onsite services which include the calibration of audiometric, spiromeric and blood pressure monitoring equipment, and also provide servicing and repair for electromedical and general medical supplies across South Africa.