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Audiometer Supplies & Medical Equipment in South Africa
At M&A Medical & Audiometric Sales we’re one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of high-quality occupational medical equipment, specializing in turnkey projects. We believe that providing the very best medical equipment facilitates safe and healthy working environments, and our medical supplies are available to clients all across South Africa and Africa. We manufacture a Mobile Occupational Clinic, which includes a full examination area and built-in audiometric booth. Manufactured from high-quality materials, our audiometry booths are essential for Occupational Health Practitioners.

Being in this industry for more than 20 years we have come to realize what our clients’ needs and requirements are. We have grown exponentially the last 5 years building more the 142 Occupational Health Mobile clinics supplying equipment and software as well. M&A Medical & Audiometric Sales chose to do everything under one roof. We now offer, Calibrations, Services and Repairs as well. We have loan devices which enables our clients Zero down time while we Calibrate, Service or Repair their devices.

M&A Medical & Audiometric Sales has years of experience and has always facilitated clients with training on the operating of equipment and software. By using Team Viewer this enables M&A Medical & Audiometric Sales to assist clients on-line anywhere in South Africa when assistance is required. We are proud to announce that we have also interfaced all our devices with a custom-made software we have developed. Several software’s on the market is complicated to use and not user friendly. Because of the experience we have and looked at the needs and requirements we have ASV Software available. Even the name itself has no complications Audio Spiro Vision software. This small name packs a punch.

High-Quality Medical Supplies

We have a large range of medical equipment that includes spirometers, audiometric equipment and audiometric booths and vision screeners.

Spirometers & Audiometric Booths

With some of the very latest spirometers (lung testing machines), here at M&A Medical & Audiometric Sales we offer advanced medical equipment that complies with the new ATS and ERS standards.
Simple to use, offering fast, accurate and reliable results, our Minispir spirometers are powerful and highly innovative, and to guarantee maximum performance we also provide the latest WinspiroPro software.
We’re proud to offer our clients fully compliant Audiometers, audiometric screening booths & diagnostic booths; excellent quality booths available at very affordable prices.

As old as time the Keystone Vision Screener is still one of the most reliable vision screeners on the market.

Exceptional Service

M&A Medical & Audiometric Sales is a company that specializes in many fields within the health services setting. This includes all occupational health equipment of very high standards. At M&A Medical & Audiometric Sales we’re don’t sell quantity we sell quality and Exceptional Service. By supplying only, the best occupational health testing equipment. We offer comprehensive onsite services which include the calibration, repairs of audiometric equipment and booths, spirometers and vision screeners.
Our company structured as unit to compliment every facet of required standard of service, Sales, Technicians, Training specialists in a number of health-related disciplines.

The Company specializes in the marketing of all medical equipment and training the end users of such equipment to provide a very high standard of service in the clinical setting. We offer a full service to the industrial clinics, hearing conservation services and all equipment related to this field; Audiometers, Audiometric Software, Audiometric booths. Spirometers, Full range available from hand held models to specialist levels.

Some of our esteemed customers to name a few. We are a listed supplier to De Beers, Anglo America, Norplats, LIFE Occupational Health Care, ESKOM, Department of Labour, Blue Collar, Workforce, Leonard Dingler, Implats, Mobicare, Working Knowledge International and Various Government Hospitals.
Some of our very satisfied customer’s references and phone numbers can be obtained from our offices at all times.
We assure you of our commitment to the greatest standard of services at all times, we will pursue every passage to ensure the best World standards in medical equipment is available through our company to all in South Africa.
Our Sales staff are qualified to assist to all your needs, from training to just advising you of your options as far as general medical equipment is concerned.